Our Mission

Located in beautiful Yarrow, BC, Whispering Horse Winery is a family-owned boutique winery that aims to showcase the unique terroir of the Fraser Valley through the production of high-quality wines made from 100% estate grown grapes.

Our mission is to hand-craft exquisite, small lot, terroir wines, which to us means wines that are focused on elegance and finesse and made with minimal intervention, allowing the true expression of our grapes, and the beautiful place in which they grow, to shine. Reflecting the Fraser Valley’s cooler climate, we specialize in traditional method sparkling wines, as well as cool climate, aromatic whites and rosés. The entire process, from vineyard, to vinification, to bottling, is run solely by our family, ensuring each limited production of wine maintains a hand-crafted approach.

Our History Is

Our Story

Our winery’s name, Whispering Horse, was inspired by the history of the land, which was first established in the early 1960s as J-Bar ranch, where John Giesbrecht (Barry’s father and Melissa’s grandfather) bred, raised, and trained hundreds of horses for over 50 years.
Our Vineyard

Our Vines

At Whispering Horse, we hold strong convictions regarding our responsibility to respect the environment and ensure our land is treated in a sustainable manner. We also hold great admiration for those winemakers who follow the philosophy of ‘terroir’; an approach to wine that encompasses all the factors that play a role in differentiating one vineyard site from another, allowing the uniqueness of each piece of land to shine through the wine.

Our Vines

Our Wines

For us, wine begins in the vineyard and so it is there where Laurent, our winemaker, puts forth his focus and energy in order to first produce excellent, flavourful fruit that offer layers of complexity. Once that is successfully done, there is very little to do during the vinification process.

2016 L'Acadie: SOLD OUT

Whispering Horse Winery | L'Acadie White Wine
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